Monday, August 12, 2002

Seeing Friends On Their Way

The past four days have been a whirlwind of seeing friends. As mentioned earlier, Mike & Londa came down for a visit. On Saturday, I drove home to Rochester to see Sean & Anne since Sean was hired to teach 11th and 12th Grade English out in Turin, NY. I was afraid I'd miss him the week I'm hoping to go home, so we got together for dinner at Sinbad's on Park Ave. After that we went and saw Check-Out at The Little. That was pretty cheesy, but worthwhile for the local cameos. Naturally, coffee at Java's followed where I ran into Heidi's brother and sister, Scott & Gretchen.

Sunday, I met up with Matt and went to Sinbad's (again) for lunch. Aaron S. showed up after that and we went to California Rollin so he could partake in some delicious sushi. Matt had this crazy double roll called a Mighty Spidey (I think). It was pretty tasty. Then I drove out to Pultneyville for Matt F.'s going away party. His parent's house is awesome! It's actually two houses in a sense that a whole house was added onto a smaller house. As we went on the tour of the house (which was set up nice enough to be in a magazine), Matt's mom kept pointing out what part was the old part and the new part. I finally asked, "What do you mean by "new"?" She replied, "Oh, 1858." I jokingly said later that they could adopt me just so I could live in that house. Seeing a bunch of my friends from high school was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I hadn't seen my friend, Ben, since he had a house party about two years ago. Matt has a running joke that Ben is just a figment of my imagination since he's never met him, but has heard all the stories. I took a group picture of everyone at the party, so hopefully it comes out good enough to publish.

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