Saturday, August 10, 2002

Listening to Future CD on Lazy Saturday Morning

I love how I can now create CDs, but not burn them but yet still listen to them in the pre-burned stage on my computer. I have one "future" cd now playing. It feels like it needs a few more songs, but I think the song order is near perfection. I'm hesitant to burn it mostly because some of my compilations take on a life of their own in terms of relating back to personal going-ons. No use having that out there in the open if no need be, right?

In other news, it's great to wake up and do nothing but eat a lemon poppy seed scone with lemon curd on it, browse through our flimsy newspaper, read some email, and relax.

House Guests!

Our friends, Mike & Londa, came down from Rochester for a visit these past two days. We've had a good time with them. Thursday, we went to Bemus Point and had drinks on the porch of the Hotel Lenhart with the rest of the Jamestown's NEXT crew (site info a little outdated).

Last night we ended up going for a dinner cruise on the Summer Wind around the southern end of Chautauqua Lake. That was quite a bit of fun actually, since it's something Matt and I really havn't done for fun in awhile. The weather was perfect other than getting a little cool as the sun set. After the cruise, we headed over to Wegmans where Mike & Londa lamented over the fact that our Wegmans has a much more extensive selection of teas. Apparently the Rochester Wegmans & Tops stores have a watered down selection. We mused that it was probably due to so many Wegmans being in that area where we only have one. After that stop, we came home and watched Swingers. A late night, but lots of fun. I'm now waiting for the rest of the house to wake up so we can go for "breakfast" (more like brunch at this point).

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