Monday, August 26, 2002

The Deep, Dark, Dirty Basement

I get this feeling that I will never get that basement smell off me or my clothes. I have spent the last three days sorting through piles of junk, looking for saleable items for the garage sale. We have over twenty bags of garbage sitting on back patio of my parent's house right now. The good news is that my mom has just about finished sorting and putting prices on the stuff we can sell. I spent most of today washing things up so that people might actually want to buy them. I'd tell you where the sale would be (hint, Town of Irondequoit), but I really don't need any stalkers *wink*


I saw Tadpole at The Little on Friday night. Great movie. I laughed quite a bit. It also helped me reflect a little on my own teen years. I had this thing about pushing myself in the maturity level department when I was a teenager. I wanted to be more sophisticated, older/whatever but at the same time I wasn't emotionally ready for that. I think that's the story for a lot of people, but I've picked out several specific events/points in my life where that's very apparent.

Vacation Update

I love not being at work. I would just be getting out of work right now and instead I'm hanging out at home! On my list of things I hoped to do while I was away I've accomplished some with others happening soon. Here's where I stand:

1. Going to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding tonight with my parents
2. Drank several mugs of hot tea (from England!) with my mom
3. Been to Java's twice, Cibon's once. Wrote in my journal at Java's last Friday

I also got to see Sean and Anne before Sean took off for Lowville, NY for teacher orientation. We went to Salinger's last night and took in a couple pints of good beer (Harps for me). Tomorrow my mom and I are headed off to Skaneatles (did I spell that right?). Should be a nice departure from the house. Otherwise, who knows when I'll update again. You got a flavour of it at least!

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