Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Some Updates

First off, I'm very glad to say that no one was hurt in the fire on 1st Street in Jamestown. I'm especially glad since Matt was one of the people in the building at the time. Yeah. He's still very pissed about the whole situation since Fire Investigators are pretty sure it was arson. No one has been caught yet. I'll update you if there's any news. Here's the blurb from the article since there's not a direct link to it:

4/2/02 - Ten off-duty city firefighters were called in to battle two blazes early Saturday morning. The first fire was reported at about 12:30 a.m. When firefighters arrived at 101 E. First St., thick black smoke was coming from first- and second-floor windows of the two-story building, according to Captain Chet Harvey of the Jamestown Fire Department. Eight musicians who had been practicing in the building and had reported the blaze told firefighters that there might be a tenant on the second floor of the building. Firefighters made a rapid search of upper floor, Harvey said, but no one was found. The fire was located in the eastern part of the building, Harvey said.
‘‘The fire was under control within 10 or 15 minutes,’’ he said ‘‘It took time to make sure it was out and had not spread.’’ Harvey said the building is subdivided into a lot of small rooms with locks and that delayed the firefighters search for additional fire. While the east end of the building’s first floor suffered fire damage, most of the building only suffered smoke damage, he said. The blaze did not cause any structural damage to the brick building, which is owned by Carol Faust of Mayville. One firefighter was knocked down by falling debris but was able to continue fighting the blaze.


Easter was good. I spent it in Buffalo with my family. Got out of going to church by moving slow. Meaning, when it was time to go.. I still wasn't dressed. Hooray for that!


Matt and I are putting final touches on our trip plans to Washington DC. I'm a bit anxious about it since it's the longest trip I'll have driven in a long time. In fact, I don't believe I've ever gone this far a distance where I'm the driver. Mind you, I have been on really long car trips before. It's hard to forget those 13 hours from Rochester, NY to Chicago, IL. Yech.

What this means is no blog updates for a long time. In the meantime: I invite you to visit some of my favourite sites. Check out any of the "Daily Blogs" listed on the left. Also, here are some of the other places I check out on a daily basis:

The Post-Journal
The D&C (Democrat & Chronicle)
For Better, Or For Worse

Note: My mom says I'm a news junkie and that she hopes I can find a job some day that actually utilizes all my knowledge about current events in the Western New York region. I agree.

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