Monday, April 29, 2002


I am 50% CANADIAN!!!

(Take the Canadian-ness test)


I have some Canadian in me by virtue of the fact that my Grandmother was born in Nova Scotia. That HAS to count for something! Oh yeah, I'll be going to Nova Scotia next summer with my parents and Grandmother. I'm super psyched about it already!


Yes. I felt that earthquake two Saturday's ago. Yes it was cool. I also experienced that mondo storm that went through yesterday (spawning a tornado several counties over). Yest it was cool.

Damn Computer, Again

Still no computer. Expect spotty blogs until then (preferably a nice blue spottiness). Many apologies. Last week was hell for work. Still feeling slightly burned out from all the hours. On the happy side, this coming weekend is the Maple Syrup festival in Gerry, NY. Woo hoo! I love that sugary stuff :-)

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