Thursday, December 27, 2001


Ok, I can't get too excited. I always seem to miss out on these huge snowstorms. I mean, seriously, you'd think I'd get a break once in awhile. My senior year in college, it dumped on Buffalo just after Christmas and while I was home in Rochester on winter break. Then, a few weeks after I went back for spring semester, it dumped on Rochester big time. The latest, of course, is the huge snow fall going on in Buffalo as I write this. I think some areas got up to 5 feet. That's as tall as me!! Well, I'm 5 foot 2, but I'm sure as it drifts it will be higher than me. One of the problems the snow is creating is road closures. Yes, I know that's a Rochester news site, but I thought it was a good story. I guess the good thing is that if I ever wanted to go home and the Thruway was closed, I'd just have to hop onto I-86 East and take that to 390 North. A 3-hour trip, but it would get me home!

Now, I received lots of crazy, cool gifts for Christmas, but I still want a big, whopping snowfall that immobilizes the County. Guess I'm greedy, eh?

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