Friday, December 21, 2001

Board Cutting

I was at the new Home Depot last night when they did their “board cutting” to symbolize that the store was officially open. I was kind of hoping they would have some huge piece of machinery to do the cutting, with all the onlookers being required to wear safety goggles. In this case, they had some kind of cutter you could hold upright and cut the board from top to bottom. Not quite as exciting as I hoped I suppose! On the otherside, I saw some light fixtures, laundry machines, rugs and cabinets that I think would look great in the house. My bank account will rue the day Home Depot opened here (and next to Wegman’s too!).

Weekend Plans

Matt and I are going to see Lord of The Rings tonight, directly after work. I’m a bit excited about it since I’ve heard good things. I’ve never read the books, but suspect I’ll get around to it soon. We also plan to tackle the house with fury in order to get the last boxes unpacked and the house finally looking like we’re done moving in. The main incentive is that our friends, Chuck and Lori, will be in town this weekend through January 2nd and it would be cool to have the house finally done for them to see. Oh, and I need to bake several last batches of fudge and peanut brittle. Sigh, oh sigh.

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