Thursday, November 08, 2001

Note #1: I will be out of town until Monday night. That means no new blogs unless I start foaming at the mouth due to lack of being able to check my email or my daily blogs.

Note #2: I should have plenty to say when I get back since I will be wining, dining, and hiking the weekend away around Seneca Lake and later in Rochester (time allowing).

Note #3: I have no f**kin' clue why my comments are "locked." I don't feel like investigating at the moment although I did read the BlogBack page. Anyone who wishes to assist me in this can email me about it. Ok.

Note #4: I bought Gordon Korman's Don't Care High on-line today. Most of his really good books are out of print. More on that later when I think about it.

Note #5: Anymore notes and I should have just made this a regular blog entry. To hell with that! I'm going on vacation! Woo-hoo!!

Note #6: Ok.. really done now. Have a great weekend y'all!

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