Thursday, June 28, 2001

*yawns* Another morning after a long, late day at work. I'm the Executive Assistant to the County Executive. So I attend A LOT of meetings. The latest (and it was!) being the monthly Legislature voting session. It ended around 9:30pm (started at 6:30). At first we all thought we would be getting out quick and still have time to get home, sit on the porch, read a book, or (like me) post to our blogs. Well, an hour and a half discussion on one resolution made that impossible. So it goes.

A friend of mine recently revealed they keep their own blog. I cannot reveal names under penalty of death, but I thought this was very cool of this person. In a way, it takes a lot of guts to really talk about your personal life on-line. Well, only if you tell other people you actually know and see on a daily basis. Otherwise, what would the outside world really give if you hated your best friend or you lied about doing something you said you did? Hm.

What do YOU do for a job? Tell me about it :-)

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