Wednesday, June 27, 2001

I can't sleep. This happens when my brain decides to wake up and pour over worries upon worries. The latest being the tightening of certain items of clothing. Grr. Well, I always said I needed to form some sort of exercise plan. I can't help but smirk at that. Ahhh.. I could denounce what society has done to women in terms of body image, but truthfully.. I buy into it a tad bit. SO sad. But I have a plan *she says with false confidence* Never mind that. The real thing that prodded me out of bed was the thought that I could actually add some more things to this blog-thing.

It does seem to be a different animal to me. I've seen how it's taken over the lives of other seemingly innocent people. Go read if you have no idea what I'm talking about. The woman is brilliant! Simply put! Maybe I do need some sleep.

I do feel a need to explain "In Java, Literally..." It all started in Java Joe's Cafe right before a violin lesson (as mentioned in the previous post). I was drinking coffee.. buzzing hard on caffeine.. letting its "muse" take over and spew non sequitur stuff all over a piece of loose leaf paper. The funny part is how the series prevailed through break-ups, re-location and whatnot. So I will give you that first installation. Believe me. You WILL NOT understand most of it. A few people may recognize veiled references to themselves, but for the most part it's just the ramblings of a 16-soon-to-be-17 year old Junior in High School. So. Onwards and upwards...

September 21, 1993

Why do you ask?

In Java, literally. Kahlua Creme. Piano sign changed to "Feel Free If You Can Play. If Not, Stay Away!!" Well, shouldn't stop Matt. Memories. Music soothes the savage beast indeed. Do I find him so annoying that I can't help but like him. No se. I want to go away. Music. Yes! Visiting Fredonia Oct. 11. Oooh, what fun. It will be beautiful. Leaves. Colours. Redesigning Java. Platform for players, tables. New dimensions. Ah, fall tomorrow. Love it always. Amber may marry. Graduation I say. Thinks I'll find my somebody in college. Hmm... Buffalo bred? Java man speaking. Building. Whoa. Got some fragments. Fun ones. As if. "I want somebody who cares for me passionately..." WEll, I do have a libido. So who screws w/ it? Ben? Never. Don't even have to try to repress. It doesn't exist w/ him. In the way? Human Bear gives Ben y Moi seis months. Laugh. Anything possible. Mmm... caffeine. Love it. Passionate type? Oh, how true. Giddy here. Tools not accessible. Bartok next. Ooh La La. Par'le vous Francais? Learn it and well. Les mutton. No bestiality allowed. Of course. Tri-lingual in key words. Nothing useful. Almost 1/2 past hour. Love to work in Java. Transport un mejor problemo. Very (tres) cool (funke) personas (aqui) here. Son/Dad here. Well, life in reality. Curly hair. Tall. Hmm... Mind wanders on. Always looking. Will I find? "I don't want to be tied to anyone's strings. I'm carefully trying to steer clear of those things." Oh father intro. to son? Told me about him. Senior at Allendale-Columbia. Coffee. What a concept. Playing "Julia" (Ocean Child?) for me by Beatles off White Album. Muy cool (excellente). Java holds always in favor. At least converts work. Let's come here. Violin soon. 10 min (or 5 actual.) Let's finish. Parting words? None, it doesn't end. Life continues like a thread sewing a quilt of life.

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