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Welcome Back, Welcome Back

It feels odd to title this post with a line from the theme song from a show I may have only seen a few times as a kid (Welcome Back, Cotter). That said, it is appropriate. Welcome back to posting, at least for the next month. Welcome back to readers who may be surprised to seeing a post pop up in their RSS feed or in their Twitter feed. Welcome, in general, to any new people checking in to see what I'm up to.

I'm using the short month of February to take a breather from Facebook. I've done media blackouts before but they've never worked because they were very much all or nothing. I'm opting to just take away my personal interaction with Facebook, aside from work responsibilities, for 28 days. I'll still be using Twitter, email, chat, and even Facebook messaging since a few people I converse with like to reach me that way. One of my friends asked if I would be blogging more and I thought,

"Well? Should I? I do like to share links to stories, music videos, s…