Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stay by Allie Larkin

Some time ago I noticed there was this lady named Allie who was commenting on my blog. I initially confused her for my other friend, Ali, until I clicked on the link for her blog.

That's where I learned about Stay. Who wouldn't be suckered in by a romantic comedy that involves a puppeh? And bonus?? It's set mostly in Rochester!

Even though my parents were visiting me at the time, I refused to put down the book until I devoured it all in one day. I laughed as I recited passages to my mom about the trials and tribulations Van goes through as she welcomes her new dog, Joe, into her home. It's an entertaining read that has some real poignant moments.

Please check out Stay when it comes out June 10th!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Time Changes

My main computer went kablooey this weekend while Matt was trying to do a back-up of it, so I've been using our laptop for the past day. I haven't looked at files on it in about two years, so I started going through old pictures.

If I ever wondered if those zumba classes, change of diet, change of jobs, and general change in a lot of areas of my life were having any affect on me...

Here I am with my friend, Lynn, outside Mojo's after a concert in September 2006:

Here I am in Allen Park just before Memorial Day weekend this year:

For those wondering, that's what losing over 20 pounds looks like on a 5'2 lady.

Away, Away

We're on a mini-vaca in an area where they're experiencing forest fires (thanks asshole arsonist). It's an area that makes Clift...