Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Relax When There's A To-Do List?

Yesterday I got an email that my Saturday morning Zumba class was canceled this week while our instructor heals (heels?) from a foot injury.

My first thought was, "Awesome! I can sleep in this Saturday!" but then thoughts drifted to, "Well, if I get up at the time I normally would for class I could clean the bathroom, fold that load of towels, get the kitchen cleaned up, and then I could get Matt up so we can hit a few stores for stuff we need. Oh yeah! The walkways will DEFINITELY need to be shoveled again!"

I don't know what will actually happen tomorrow morning and chances are my body will say, "Screw your to-do list, I'm staying in this bed until the dogs jump all over me!"

I guess I feel guilty because when I've come home from work most nights this week, I've done nothing but sit on the couch watching TV or sit in front of my computer catching up on blogs. No energy or ambition. I had some on Sunday and Monday, but it was that fleeting. Hopefully, I'll get some good sleep tonight and feel ready to go tomorrow.

UPDATE: It's kind of backwards but I spontaneously decided to take the afternoon off from work so I can take care of some of the stuff I was going to have to do tomorrow. But the bonus is that it should allow me to sleep in without guilt.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And February was so long that it lasted into March...

As we near the end of February it appears we will be hit with another bout of snowy weather.

Meanwhile, my head has been in Spring for the past few weeks despite the sound of ice on pathways under my boots. Even as snow and wind whipped by my face as I skied down a slope the other weekend, my mind still drifted a month into the future.

That's what my job will do. This is softball, baseball, Easter Egg Hunt, and Summer Playground Program preparation time. There have been times that I've stopped, looked outside and wondered if anything would really melt in time for any of those things to be possible.

This is the time of year everything is going at once and nothing ever really stops until mid-Autumn. It's a pace that will drive me crazy if I let it, so instead I'm trying to remember what a crocus looks like. What's a crocus again?

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Empty Pint: Saturday Afternoon Edition

Guess who came back to the Empty Pint on this fine Saturday afternoon? This is certainly another great way to spend the day after dealing with a civil service exam this morning that will determine if I can keep my job.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dinner at the Empty Pint

We went to the new location for Southern Tier Brewing Company for dinner and a drink.

The Empty Pint is like a ski chalet inside with high ceilings and nice hardwood detailing. One wall features a long window looking into where the beer is brewed. Impressive new space and 14 taps for beer!

Also, they currently have a $5 hot roast beef sandwich with beer special. That's really the only food they have besides snack bags of kettle chips. Still was mighty good!

Away, Away

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