Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Season Of Weddings - Moratorium

Number of weddings attended in 2009: 7

Weddings that had cheese hors d'œuvre (apparently of huge concern to Matt): 4

Weddings in a church: 2 (1 was in the church we were married in)

Outside Weddings: 3 (1 was in a barn, but that pretty much counts as outside)

Muslim Weddings: 1

Weddings where F-List celebrities (Jon Gosslin) showed up and my mom threatened to go out and give him whatfor: 1

Weddings with live bands: 3 (King Rail was at 2 of those!)

Weddings I played violin at: 2

Weddings we danced the "Electric Slide": 3

Weddings where the groomsmen dressed in drag to demonstrate how the married couple met: 1

Total number of outfits worn to the weddings: 5 (2.5 outfits were repeated. The .5 comes into play when I changed after the ceremony because my suit was TOO hot!)

Weddings where dogs were present: 1 (The Bride & Groom's dog was tied to a tree outside the barn, but that was close enough! Plus, friends brought their dog with them whom we were all too happy to pet and love)

Weddings that we may be invited to in 2010: 2 and counting

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