Monday, November 17, 2008

Waiting For A Star

With free time a valuable commodity in our household, I decided to forgo grocery shopping for a couple days and instead get breakfast with Matt on Sunday. After zoning out over eggs and bacon at Bob Evans for an hour, watching the snow starting to fall, we paid up and headed home. The shuffle cycle on my iPod chose at that moment to pick this gem of a pop song from the late 1980s:

Matt audibly groaned as he realized what song was playing, expressing his disdain for my guilty pleasure in bad pop music. I shushed him, smiling as the keyboard sparkled against saxophone licks. But as the chorus swelled and I began to sing along, I heard another voice join in from the passenger seat. It's nice to know that my Red-Hot-Chili-Pepper/Punk-Rock-Loving husband still has the lyrics to "less worthy" songs tucked away in his brain.


Mr. Nighttime said...

I don't think they're from Europe, but there is a Euro-trashy sensibility about them... ;-)

Makkaio said...

Yeah...they're from Seattle. A major influence on the grunge scene there. Okay. Okay. They're just from Seattle.

Kevin_H said...

I would've jumped out of the effing car while it was moving. Or filed for divorce. Seriously. No - seriously.

NickDean said...

Bob Evans? On Sunday? That's where Lori and I went! After a long night of tending bar!

I could go for some crepes right now.

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