Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wedding #2 of the Summer

Matt and I took off for the rural hills of Norwich, NY this past weekend for the vow renewal by family friends Janine and Kabir. We learned our lesson from the past few years of attending other weddings and built in some buffer travel time.

This means that Friday night found us in Rochester. It being Friday, that meant date night, hence why none of our Rochester friends heard a peep from us about being in town. Sorry guys! The pictures are below.

Saturday, if we had time to stop, we would have pulled over and taken many pictures of a scene of Sophomore (Official Site) being filmed on a side street off of the street I grew up on. But alas, we had quite a drive ahead of us so we hit the thruway and then the back roads. If I wasn't driving, I would have taken some pics of the gorgeous views on Route 20 once you get off Route 81 from Syracuse.

The wedding was held on our friend's grandparent's farm. They don't actually farm, but rent their 13 acres of land to someone else to grow corn. There was some concern about the weather since it had poured that morning. The groom's "executive decision" was to still hold the ceremony under the tree by the old chicken coop. In the end, the weather held, the ceremony only started a little over a half hour late, I played well, and it went very nicely.

The professional wedding photos

The local EMT's and a Ladder Truck showed up, sirens blaring and lights flashing near the end of dinner. Turns out "Poppa" is good buddies with all of them, so that provided much amusement for the wedding party. As if that wasn't enough of a distraction there was also horseshoes, some sort of frisbee game, a bean bag game, and much later on a very large, loud game of "flip cups." Did I mention dancing? There was a bit of that too since the DJ was a friend of the family and he was staying overnight. With all the driving, we crashed pretty early (12:30am). We heard the next morning that some drama happened amongst some of the boys who were camping overnight, but it was all good.

Sunday we had a cook-out breakfast at the farm. I finally got a look at the grandparent's pre-Civil War house that is still heated by a wood burning stove, has dirt floors in the cellar, and a large hide-away spot in the attic we believe was used for the Underground Railroad. We then got on the road again to travel up to Utica where we met up with my friend Lynn and her boyfriend for dinner. Somehow, I managed to drive back to Rochester, where we promptly fell asleep after attempting to carry on some sort of conversation with my parent's whose eyes also were drooping.

Thank god for built in recovery days. Matt drove us back to Jamestown early Monday so we could pick up our dogs from the kennel without being charged for another full day. I slept most of the afternoon, waking up only to go to Wegmans to pick up groceries. A fabulous weekend!

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