Thursday, May 15, 2008

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

Question: What 3 actresses or actors would play you in a film?


Alicia Silverstone: The "Clueless" version of her for my high school years. They'd have to die her hair more brown than blonde, but keep the length. I choose her for the egotistical reasoning than a girl tried to pick me up once by telling me I looked just like her when "Clueless" was in theatres and that she thought Alicia Silverstone was "HOT!"

Gillian Anderson: I need her for my short hair years in college. Plus, she was just wicked cool as "Scully" in "The X-Files."

Julie Delpy: For my late 20s flowing into the present years. She looks nothing like me but I love the way she does dialogue in movies like "Before Sunrise/Sunset".

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