Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Over Geeked

The Shattered Moon Alliance Convention II (SMA CON II) is officially over. The last of our friends headed out of Jamestown yesterday morning.

This means no more talk of plat farming, guild merging, or drawing agro or soul suckers every time we walked by a forest or by bodies of water.

Full update to follow in the coming days.


Galoot said...

I saw you and your "posse" breaking in to a certain "arts" building on 3rd Street on Sunday night. You'd better return my stapler!

Julia said...

Yes you did! They wanted to watch me record the news.

We don't have your stapler. Maybe you should go back to your desk next to the boiler room in the basement. Yeaaahh.

Kevin_H said...

Wait a second, your blogging about this, but your husband (the biggest geek in the world) isn't?
WTF is going in Jamestown? Damn!

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