Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

This picture was taken by Matt at Clair & Kevin's wedding. I know the flag should be front and center, but it's still a cool picture.

As I hung our flag on the front of our house today, I noted how few houses on our street that I could see were showing the red, white, and blue. Just one. Our house. This also was the case on Memorial Day. Now, I wouldn't say I'm the most patriotic person, but I still believe that we should celebrate the day that lets me be that way in this country. The United States is not perfect. But it's still a good country despite the ambitions of certain leaders over the years. I'm still proud of what this country stands for and what it strives to be.

I think back about almost 5 years to a time when you didn't need a national holiday to fly the flag. Everyone was all too happy to show their pride and patriotism. Why is it so hard now for many of those people to simply hang their flag outside their front door on the days specially designed for that?

I recognize that displaying, or not displaying, the flag is a form of free speech. And I respect that. But it just seems hypocritical when I remember the street that I now live on being a field of flags not that long ago.

Happy Independence Day.

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Kevin_H said...

Because too many people associate the Star Spangled banner as a symbol of the Federal government. In truth it is a symbol of the country and the people who gave their lives protecting this country either here or abroad.
It was also a symbol of independence from the UK, and also embodies the freedoms we all value even today. It IS NOT a symbol of George W. Bush or any other president.

Love of your country and love of your government aren't the same thing, but too many people think they are.

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