Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pre-Wedding Disasters of the Teacup Variety

Our friends, Clair & Kevin, joked last week about what disasters could happen around the days leading up to their wedding. When they've gone to weddings for other friends, there always seemed to be something that happened that caused some sort of excitement. One wedding, Clair got her pinky caught in the car door as it closed. This caused it break and bleed profusely. Since they're getting married on a boat, we kidded that someone would inevitably fall overboard.

Well, their violinist for their ceremony nearly took herself out while washing dishes last night.

Matt had made some pasta salad for Father's Day and I was washing the metal cutting thing that spins around in the food processor. Apparently, I was twisting the plate the wrong way and ended up slicing my thumb. Fortunately, I'm pretty level-headed when it comes to injuries, so I rinsed it off quick, wrapped a paper towel around my thumb, went upstairs and tightly wrapped and taped a big piece of guaze around my injury. I've since replaced it with a regular band-aid and some medical tape to keep it sealed.

The smirk on my face comes from thinking, "Never wonder what could happen, because it will." Lucky for Kevin and Clair, I will be in fine shape to play. I just can't speak for how well Panis Angelicus will sound.


Matt said...

Yay! There will still be penis at the wedding! Woo!




fubaars said...

We had three things go wrong at our wedding. First, we had arranged for a shuttle to take people from the reception to the hotel. They screwed up and we only had one bus instead of two. Second, the hotel overbooked with another event going on that weekend and we had to move all of our guests to a different hotel at the last minute. Third, my father broke his collar bone the day before the wedding.

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