Saturday, August 20, 2005

Semblance of Life

Matt and I are slowly getting back to a normal routine. Of course, we're immediately breaking it by going to visit friends in Buffalo for an overnight. I joked with my friend, Mike, yesterday when I called to confirm plans that our visit to see him and his wife, Londa, is our summer vacation. Possible plans range from touring Forest Lawn cemetery,

to taking in the new modern art exhibit at Albright-Knox,

or even dropping by the Erie Basin Harbor to check out the Waterfront Sailabration.

It all depends on the weather and pocket funds (Albright Knox would set us back $10 each).


KevinH said...

Albright is normally free on Saturdays. Or least they used to be.

Matt said...

Especially when you tell them you are a student, but got so wasted the night before and are really hung over that you can't remember where you put your student I.D. Typically they are cool about it at the door.

Anonymous said...

LOL actually it used to be free for everyone on Saturdays but who knows with Erie county. :P

Kevin said...

Oi, that was me last time

~ Kevin

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