Thursday, June 16, 2005

Resigning For the Political Machine

The big story of the day to the north of Chautauqua County is the surprise announcement by Erie County Comptroller Nancy Naples that she will resign as of June 30th to impress upon the State Legislature the need for a County Control board. That is her official statement for why she is leaving office.

Here is my take which was explored by WBFO as well. Deputy County Comptroller Thomas W. Mazur has offered to take over for Nancy when she leaves office. Either way, a Republican must be appointed upon Ms. Naples' departure. Aside from all the politics, missteps, and incomptency around the comptroller's office and Erie County government, this is what is generally called a mid-term departure. What happens, usually, is that when an elected official leaves office another person of the same party is appointed to that official's seat. This is to guarantee that the people being represented by that official retain a voice in the governmental sphere.

What it really is, in my opinion, is a chance for the political party of that person to ensure that they have a candidate for the next election with some sort of incumbancy. Both parties do this frequently. I've seen it happen, with much success, in the Chautauqua County Legislature and now Nancy Naples is setting things up for whoever takes over to have a greater advantage over Democratic Candidate Mark Poloncarz. Here's just another example of politicians thinking about what's best for them and the party and not what's best for the people and the community.

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