Friday, January 09, 2004

Where's The Love?

Maybe it's age. Maybe it's cynacism. Whatever it is, somewhere along the way I lost my uber-sappy-gene. Maybe I just got bored with being "sappier than a freshly cut Georgia Long Pine" over everything. Being sappy, whether it's being directed at a love interest or the latest romance book/movie/idea, is truly an adolescent trait. I hear the word "sappy" and it makes me think of Kelley making me a "Boy-Lover" button to wear in 7th grade. It also reminds me of a valentine I made for a former boyfriend. It was supposed express my love and what he meant to me. Lots of lyrics to songs and snippets of poetry. It was so mushy that it could have beat school mashed potatoes in a consistency test. The whole "Georgia Long Pine" phrase comes from either Matt F. or Ryan from when I dated their friend, Ben. I think they directed that term toward him since we were pretty hopeless in our sappiness for each other. Then I got cynical. I was involved in a couple of relationships that had odd endings. Not all bad, but not wonderful. Of course, Alanis Morisette, Poe, and Liz Phair with their men-must-have-their-privates-cut-off songs fueled my mood. Poor Matt just misses out on all that Hallmark happiness. Not that he doesn't get a sappy card on major holidays from me. I just don't go to crazy, sappy lengths that I used to back in the day.

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