Tuesday, March 04, 2003

PMS is a Bitch

You know you're in the midst of the monthly pre-menstrual syndrome and general stress when you sob over stuff that might just make you sniff a little on a normal day. I think the stress from work and wedding preparations combined with the approaching red devil just got to me. Then again, it was a rebroadcast of a special from 1990 on Mister Rogers. Near the end of the program, when Mister Rogers was singing "It's You I Like" to a handicapped boy, I lost it. Matt was sitting with me and had to get me tissues and give me hugs. Bleh.

On top of all that, a Great-Aunt of mine died Sunday and I have to decide whether I'm going to brave the weather and drive into Buffalo tonight so I can go to the funeral tomorrow morning. I wasn't close with her, but I had seen a lot of her "kids" lately. I'll probably go just for that reason. I also know they would come to the funeral if my dad or mom (god forbid) died.

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