Wednesday, September 08, 2004

You Know You're Getting Older...

Sometimes you're just going along with everyday life, thinking nothing of it, when it hits you. You've gotten older. Now this is not anything unusual. It happens to everyone until something stops that process. Death is usually that something. Plastic surgery and botox don't count.

Today, my "wow, you're getting older" moment happened after I reflected on a conversation I had with some co-workers. We were discussing a new home that had been built on the lake, the square-footage, and the rumor that it had been assessed at one-third its actual value. Three years ago, half that conversation would have sounded like adult gibberish to my brain. Today, a nice watercooler conversation.

Anyone else find this unsettling?


Cindy said...

Just wait. About a year ago, I found a renagade hair growing out of my upper cheek. I now have to look for it every few weeks so I can pluck it before it is noticable. I feel like Broom Hilda. Ha ha!

battlemaiden said...

Hmmmm....married and divorced once before 30, knowing what being in Escrow actually means, moving across state lines a few times, having a college education and being unemployed (you can relate), and the afore-mentioned renegade chin hair. Nope, don't know anything about getting older.

Ryan said...

Hmm, I can't relate! I've managed to evade all "adult" responsibilites. No marriage, no kids, no house, no escrow, no career. But man can I drink a ton of beer and stay up until sunrise! And hangovers? I'm a professional. Passing out in unfamiliar places and not remembering how I got there or how I drove home? No problem.

I have chin hair too, but on guys it's acceptable. My problem is that several of them are white now. And we won't get into what's happened to the hair on top of my head, thank you.

With the advent of this finishing of the degree effort, perhaps all that other stuff isn't too far away for me... *gulp* ;-)

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