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Where Have I Been?

A week of work, PMS, and too long of meetings to even want to think about the overtime I racked up (and will never really be compensated for) kept me from this. And I'm just tired enough, still, that I don't have much else to say.

I will say that Matt, Richard, and I went to the AIDS Community Services fundraiser last night, "A Cause For Celebration." I bid on a Pride Quilt at the silent auction. I won. Truthfully, it's very subtle and I didn't even notice at first glance that those pretty colours were all pride flags in a repeated pattern. It's quite colourful and beautiful. I have to figure out where I'm going to put it (wall hanging v. bed covering). I have to snicker a little when I think of all of the people at the event who know me (aside from one or two details), that will find out I got the quilt, and then will wonder if I know what it symbolizes and all. Sometimes it's a little fun to be in the closet in this town.

The Makings of a Potential Sci-Fi Geek

I had so much potential to become a sci-fi geek when I was a kid. Example: I was so obsessed with The Tomorrow People that I refused to sign up for a swimming club as a kid because the group met at the same time as The Tomorrow People (6pm on Nickleodeon). Naturally I was into the 1970s version. I heard about a new version of the show being made in the 1990's, but never saw it. I also had this thing for Dr. Who but darnit if I can't remember much else other than his scarf and the thing that looked like an old-fashioned elevator (the Tartis I believe). Many years later I finally devoured all of Douglas Adams' books in the Hitchhiker series along with the Dirk Gently books. I have a few friends that are surprised that I never got into Star Trek. Tough breaks I guess.

Dam.. That's Cool

Matt and I took a mini-Sunday drive down into Warren, PA to look at the Kinzua Dam. I had never been down there and decided it was a must-see due to all the snow melt we've had along with rain this past week. If you follow the link above, you can see a picture of the side of the dam where the water output is. When we were there yesterday, four gates(?) on the bottom were open with water shooting out with incredible force. It was like Niagara Falls horizontal. That seems like an exaggeration, but there really was quite a bit of water being let out. The other cool thing near the dam was the cliff that rose up next to the road. First there were signs to watch for falling rocks, and then signs to watch for falling ice. The latter was self-explanatory once you saw the huge slabs of ice still clinging to the rock wall. There were several streams running off the top of the cliff, forming mini-waterfalls. It was quite breathtaking since I didn't expect to see anything like t…


This being one of the first weekends I've been home in about a month, I decided to clean. I mean, get up at 9am on a Saturday morning and clean. The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, spare bedroom, our bedroom, and other miscellaneous items felt the power of my sponge and vacuum. I haven't really tackled the computer/entertainment room since it's not in too bad of shape. Matt calls this my "nesting phase" of the month. Once I start cleaning, it becomes almost compulsive since I can't seem to stop. I always see something else that could be tended to, like that dirty baseboard by the front door. The good thing about this is that I can go through the rest of this busy week with a house that's in some sort of order. Now if I can only keep up on dishes *gives pointed look to coffee cup left on desk by Matt*

Once a News Reporter.. Always a News Reporter

I have this bizarre curiousness about stuff. Some of it's connected to current events, some of it is related to random information. I've lived in Jamestown for nearly 4 years, but I still read the on-line version of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle everyday. I also catch up on the Irondequoit Post when I can. I also have a habit of Google-ing everything and everything. Wondering what happened to that friend from college? Google. Can't remember that song or the band? Google. Wondering if your best friend can be tied to any websites? Google. Call it boredom, innate curiosity, or stalker-like, but that's me. It also goes along with this crazy memory of mine. I'll forget short terms things that I just heard, but I'll remember details from two days ago to 20-some years ago. My earliest memory is of my mom and me looking under my crib for my binky (pacifier) and being horrified that it was lost. Turns out she had thrown it away, but I didn't …

Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)

I dreamt that Armageddon had come last night. I was at my parent's house in Rochester, calmly waiting it out. I considered listening to some of my favourite music one last time and even picked up some pamphlet in an attempt to pray, but decided against it. My mom came in the living room and asked if I was going to the 8pm church service with them. I think I considered, but then decided against that as well. A scene later I was driving in my car, watching it start to hail. The storm that preceded the end had begun with dark clouds filling the sky. Huge bolts of lightening were hitting electrical poles and trees as I drove down the road. I stopped at one point because a tree had fallen near this couple standing by the road. I got out, even though I knew it was pointless, and helped them. My car was full of stuff, but I made room for them so that we could get away. The dream ended there.

I think the impending war is the cause. I've resigned myself to the fact that the…

Another Note on "Home"

The weather rocked my socks this weekend. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see sunlight and feel nice warm winds. There's also something about having such nice weather when you're home (in terms of the childhood home). Even driving by Kodak Park and smelling the chemicals made me so happy that I could have spent my savings on Kodak stock. Crazy stuff.

Saturday Review

I spent the weekend in Rochester. It was a semi-short visit mentally since I got in late on Friday. I was also pretty tired. Being tired can make any time away from work seem short.

Saturday morning my parents and I got up "early" to go to the Chase-Pitkin Home Show at the Convention Center. My main goal there was to see Vern Yip of Trading Spaces fame. He was late due to air flight problems and ended up just talking about the show. He was greeted like a rock star with women/girls cheering, wavings signs, snapping pictures. A few men cheered as well. It was a good time (he's so petite!), but my mom was disappointed that we didn't get to see him do the fabric wall covering project that he was originally scheduled to do. My battery in my camera died, so no pictures.

After the homeshow, we had a late lunch and then my mom and I went off to try on wedding gowns. If you're ever getting married and can avoid Dave's Bridal (chain in Western NY), please do …

I May Not Like Country...

I may have to buy the latest Dixie Chick's cd. I don't like country. Let me emphasize that. I don't like country. However, I feel the poor girls are getting a bad rap for doing something very regular. Speaking their minds. Here's what's causing all the controversy:

From the Dixie Chicks with respect to statements being reported in the British media

"We've been overseas for several weeks and have been reading and following the news accounts of our governments' position. The anti-American sentiment that has unfolded here is astounding. While we support our troops, there is nothing more frightening than the notion of going to war with Iraq and the prospect of all the innocent lives that will be lost."

Maines further stated, "I feel the President is ignoring the opinions of many in the U.S. and alienating the rest of the world. My comments were made in frustration and one of the privileges of being an American is you are free to vo…

Making Up For Lost Youth

Matt and I are going to three concerts in three months. I'm pretty excited about that. The variety is pretty good too. Tomorrow is Tori Amos at Shea's in Buffalo, April 7th is Def Leppard in Erie, PA., and May 15th is Fleetwood Mac at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo. Now if any of my other favourite bands decide to make an appearance in between (They Might Be Giants.. hinthint), my life will be quite happy.

When Politicians Speak Without Thinking

There seems to have been a wave of politicians who don't know how to keep their mouths shut.

It started with Trent Lott (Republican who lost his title of Minority Leader).

Then, Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle (Republican who will not be running again for his seat) was accused of saying something with racist overtones.

This past weekend, Erie County Executive Joel Giambra (Republican who is up for re-election this year) slipped up.

This State representative in Minnesota has caused an uproar after saying his bill to strip gays and lesbians of state human rights protections would save America from becoming "another African continent."

Now Congressman James P. Moran, Jr. (Democrat) of Virginia has stuck his foot in it.

Well, you can't say the Democrats aren't at fault now. People are just stupid sometimes. It amazes me how stupid politicians can be as well. It's also pretty frightening that there are people out there who will elect and re-elect these pe…

Not a War Blog.. I Promise

With all the stuff going on with Iraq, it seems like my blog topics have been leaning more toward war blogging than Julia blogging. No worries, I'm still all fluff and stuff. I just like to link items that interest me and that I think others might be interested in as well. I'm not one of those types that watch the ticker at the bottom of the cable news channels with baited breath or constantly scan Google news for the latest updates on whether the UN was going to vote to scratch their butts or what. When I see something interesting, I see it. Otherwise, the anti-newsy in me comes out when it comes to this stuff. Pretty odd for someone who used to report the news.

My Mom's Prophetic Professor

When my mom was in college circa 1968-71, she had a professor tell his class that World War III would most likely start in the Middle East. I have a bad feeling he will be right, especially when you see stories like this. Not that that should come as any big surprise to anyone.

At the same time, it seems like Former President Bush may be disagreeing with his son on some parts of going to war with Iraq (Courtesy of Eschaton). Here's the link to the text of the speech. Interesting, no?

What is a crocus?

I woke up this morning to cold winds blowing snow around. At 7 degrees outside I feel a little bit like the song February by Dar Williams:

"And February was so long that it lasted into March
And found us walking a path alone together.
You stopped and pointed, and you said, 'That's a crocus,'
And I said, 'What's a crocus?' and you said, 'It's a flower,'
I tried to remember, but I said, 'What's a flower?'"

He's soooo cute!

The girly-girl in me came out last night while watching Clueless. Paul Rudd, who plays Josh AKA the eventual love interest of Cher, is so hot in that movie! I mean, seriously, I just about swooned on my couch. I think it's his eyes. Matt came downstairs while I was watching and rolled his eyes. When the movie came out, a girl I ran into and a guy I knew in college (PJ) told me they thought I looked like Alicia Silverstone. I think it was my long hair. It was super-long back then. A year later, a friend of mine told me he thought I looked like Rene Russo. I had chopped my hair to chin length by that point. Hmm.. long hair makes you look young I guess. Guess I'll keep growing mine.

Speculations About Bush's Speech Tonight

The Drudge Report is reporting rumors that Bush will announce that they have caught Bin Laden. The BBC says the White House is denying those rumors. It would be great news if it was true. My co-worker pointed out that it pulls the rug from under Bush in terms of his war on Iraq if rumor becomes truth.

Another note on our appointed-one: the latest Quinnipiac Poll says a "as-yet-unnamed" Democratic presidential nominee has a slight edge over President Bush in the next Presidential race. Polls have Hillary Clinton winning that race even though she says she will not run. I never cease to be amazed. Today is turning out to be decent afterall.

Promotion of War by The Media

The President will give a press conference on prime-time tv tonight to sort of pre-empt whatever comes out tomorrow when Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Hans Blix delivers his report on Iraqi efforts to comply with arms demands. I'll probably watch it since Friends is a repeat.

It has come up time and time again that this potential war with Iraq is being pushed by the media. I agree with the thought. You watch CNN or any of the news channels/national newscasts and there seems to be this leaning towards a war or the assumption that it's going to happen. It's as if peace is not an option. And from a monetary standpoint, war is profitable. If and when Bush decides to drop the bombs and set our troops loose, I'm sure it will be broadcast on any and every news source available. The owners of these newstations must be salivating at the thought of captive viewers. So why not promote war? Why not increase the hysteria? Most television stations are concerned with the bot…


After coming in an hour late yesterday, I went home for 3 1/2 hours so I could sleep. I had to come back later in the afternoon to lead a tour around our government buildings and then go to a meeting at 6pm. It was one of those could-have-slept-all-day days. Bleh. I think it all caught up with me, finally. I feel better today since I slept in again, but I have a sinus headache. Thank god for pms pills. I'd be in much worse shape otherwise. We're looking at two more reception halls this Saturday. That will bring the grand total to 6 halls we will have looked at. I'm hoping the one place (Lily of the Valley) will work out since their prices look good and the food is supposedly good there as well. The cheapest place (with good food reputation) is a Falcon's Hall that looks like a school gym with low ceilings. Not my idea of a good place for a wedding reception. I don't care how many decorations you put up, I know it will still look like an all purpose roo…
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PMS is a Bitch

You know you're in the midst of the monthly pre-menstrual syndrome and general stress when you sob over stuff that might just make you sniff a little on a normal day. I think the stress from work and wedding preparations combined with the approaching red devil just got to me. Then again, it was a rebroadcast of a special from 1990 on Mister Rogers. Near the end of the program, when Mister Rogers was singing "It's You I Like" to a handicapped boy, I lost it. Matt was sitting with me and had to get me tissues and give me hugs. Bleh.

On top of all that, a Great-Aunt of mine died Sunday and I have to decide whether I'm going to brave the weather and drive into Buffalo tonight so I can go to the funeral tomorrow morning. I wasn't close with her, but I had seen a lot of her "kids" lately. I'll probably go just for that reason. I also know they would come to the funeral if my dad or mom (god forbid) died.