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There Goes The Sun..

For those a little out of the loop, that subject line might not make too much sense. It's a reference to the sad passing of George Harrison. I knew he was ill and there were "widely exaggerated rumours" this past summer that he didn't have too much longer to live, but I was still shocked when I heard it on the radio this morning. For some bizarre reason I did not check the news online like I normally do while eating breakfast. I think I have The Beatles "1" album in my car, so I'm going to have to dig it out and listen while driving home today. Hm. And to think I was merrily singing along with that album last week on the way to work. Another one that won't get to see 64.

No Power Point, No Cry

My power point class was cancelled. I was the only one that signed up. Oh the vicious sadness! Not really. Mark says I may as well do a tutorial on it with our I.S. staff. I dig that a whole lot more. Now I'm scheming what I…
Rain in November

We should consider ourselves very lucky here in Chautauqua County. The whole month of November passed with pretty much nary a snowflake. Out west and up in Minnesota didn't fare as well. Of course, that depends on who you're talking to. Out in the Rockies they received some 8 feet of snow. No joke. The skiers and ski resorts were in their glory. Then, over 28 inches fell in Minnesota and parts of Michigan. One guy had to wade through waist-high snow just to get to his truck. So as I look out on green grass and falling rain, I do feel a bit thankful that things are mild here. Ask me that question again on Friday when we're supposed to have heavy rain and I might have a different response.

Power Point Class

I will be attending a power point class this Saturday for 4 hours and the next Saturday as well. Mark wants me to have a good working knowledge of it so he can use me instead of information services whenever he wants a presentation done in pps. …

As it happens, Matt reads my blog. We ended up talking even more about my homesickness and whatnot. Via email as it would be, but still talking about it. It comes to this:

I miss Rochester, the places that are there, and the friends that are there. The friends won't always be there. Like me, they will pack up and leave or find other things that occupy them. Even the places I love won't always be there as the market falls and rises. I can only hope that Java's will still be around when I'm 30 *grins*

The person I love is Matt. I convinced him (I think) that I have no plans to go scurrying home. That honestly, I'd miss the people here in Chautauqua too much to leave just yet and that he's stuck with me, like it or not.

Part of what's driving the current nervousness is the uncertainty to whether Matt will have a job at the end of the year. City Council members are getting stupid with how they're planning budget cuts or tax hikes and that m…
The Holiday Season

It's officially the holiday season. I would have liked to start putting up my Christmas decorations, but actually finishing un-packing the rest of our stuff will happen first (I hope!).

The visit home was nice. Most of the weekend was like hanging out with my high school. That's only because I saw a group of people I haven't had time to spend with lately. At one point, classes 1991 through 1996 (excluding 1992) were represented at the Stenzel's apartment. Funny stuff. Probably the most rabble-rousing thing I did was go see Eleven Foot Seven at Milestones. They weren't that great, but it was cool to get out. I did stop at Java's on the way over to the concert. Garret K. was there, visiting, serving coffee, etc. I still laugh when I think of how skinny he was when I trained him to be a DJ at WIRQ. He's all buff now.. although still lean.

Results of Being Home

The only problem with going home is that I miss it. Matt hates when I ge…
More on Kosova

I decided to do a little Internet surfing to learn more about Kosova and Gjakova yesterday. What I found was this report detailing what happened before the U.S. and other countries stepped in to try to resolve the conflict. It's not reading for those with a weak stomach. You'd think you were reading a report of something from World War II detailing German atrocities towards the Jews. But this was just a few years ago. In some ways, it makes the attacks on September 11th pale in comparison. I know that won't sit well with some people.

Matt and I talked about it during dinner last night. He said that Sam (Jamestown's mayor) was talking about how there were some turnovers in this past election and the city council was going to re-organize the first of the year. The Mayor of Gjakova said they went through something similar several years ago except they had to re-organize a city council because all the council members had been killed. All this infor…
Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone

I have a new favourite movie. Not that you all weren't expecting that! Matt and I went to a matinee at Tinsletown on Saturday along with a horde of other people in Erie, PA. I could have done without the mindless adverts, but at least some of the previews were ok. My eyes were glued to the trailer for The Lord of the Rings. That looks like one exciting movie! Unfortunately, I probably will be hiding behind Matt during parts of it. I'm not one for scary stuff.

Harry Potter itself was great! There were parts I was surprised were not in there (the potions part at the end), but I did like how they re-worked the scenes with Norbert the Dragon to fit the allotted movie time. My favourite part at the moment would be the Quidditch match. I've been curious to how that would play out and I really did enjoy it. Plus, the guy who plays Oliver Wood is hot. *heh* There were times I thought I was going to cry. That's only becau…
Fan Girl

Ok.. I'm not.. I repeat not salivating over the thought that I will get to see Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone this weekend. I did not rush home to call the movie theatre on the sheer hope that they were releasing the movie early (only because the sign already said it was showing in theatres 1 and 6). Um... I'm losing this one. Matt and I plan to see the movie Saturday in Erie, PA at Tinsletown. The screens are big and the sound is good.. oh yeah, and the seats are good too. We're going to do some holiday shopping while we're out there too. I have to do something adult-like!

Phew! What a Week!

This is the week that won't quit. I thought life was supposed to get easy after elections. I haven't had a regular work day yet in terms of going in at 9am and then leaving at 5pm. That's ok. I'm using the comp hours I'm adding up to take off the day after Thanksgiving. At least that it is my plan *hehe* I hope it succeeds because…
Ten Minutes Later...

Fixed it.. had to go in.. save all my customizations in my template and then "choose a new template" which was really just choosing my old template again and plugging in the code I knew was ok. *sighs* Ah well. So much for my playing with my blog! *heh*
Ok.. I'm working on this blog.. I got rid of my "comments" and accidentally erased my date code. Bleh. Now I've spent way too much time this evening re-installing the code.. trying to figure out why the hell I have double posts and god knows what else. Any help?? *Grins*


I'm back at work now after a few days off. The weekend was really nice although I could have stood for a few more days off. Here's the breakdown:


Matt and I left just after 10 AM and headed out on I-86. The weather improved quite a bit as we drove East. Sunny skies is a joyous thing to see in November. We stopped in Corning to eat lunch at the Market Street Brewing Company. I had the MSBC Cream Soup. It had artichokes in it and the cream base was flavoured with lemon and rosemary. Very delicious and not overly heavy like some creamed soups can be. Matt had a hamburger of some sort *rolls eyes* I bought two gifts from The Lost Angel for my Aunts Carol and Ginny there.

When we arrived at the Seneca Lake Watch Bed & Breakfast, no one was there but a key was taped to the door. We let ourselves in and checked out the place. Very nice! It was the perfect Victorian house and just about what you dream a bed and breakfast should be. My only com…
Note #1: I will be out of town until Monday night. That means no new blogs unless I start foaming at the mouth due to lack of being able to check my email or my daily blogs.

Note #2: I should have plenty to say when I get back since I will be wining, dining, and hiking the weekend away around Seneca Lake and later in Rochester (time allowing).

Note #3: I have no f**kin' clue why my comments are "locked." I don't feel like investigating at the moment although I did read the BlogBack page. Anyone who wishes to assist me in this can email me about it. Ok.

Note #4: I bought Gordon Korman's Don't Care High on-line today. Most of his really good books are out of print. More on that later when I think about it.

Note #5: Anymore notes and I should have just made this a regular blog entry. To hell with that! I'm going on vacation! Woo-hoo!!

Note #6: Ok.. really done now. Have a great weekend y'all!

Even the unofficial votes have us winning. Thank God. By 1,700 votes. For complete election results (pre-absentee ballot count), go to Vote-Chautauqua. I know plenty of people that watched that site last night instead of freaking out with the rest of us at Headquarters as results trickled in. I'm serious about people getting freaked. There's still two legislative districts that are up in the air. It's looking good for our side though.

On a personal note, I did get a little emotional when Mark told me he had won for sure. I almost burst into tears and Mark had to give me a hug just to let me know it was cool. Goes to show just how nervous I was about stuff. The turn-out was pretty low and we have all sorts of theories about why that was. Oh well.


Friday Matt and I take off on our mini-holiday. I simply can't wait :-) 4 Days Away From Here.

Ok, so I'm a few minutes away from Tuesday, but I had to get your attention somehow.

I don't care if it's just some "local races," everyone should get out to vote. If you don't know anything about the candidates.. ask someone.. go to the library and read some old newspapers.. go on-line if they have a website. Be observant in general!! I cannot stress how important it is for people to go out and vote. Sure, it's fun to vote for President, but when it comes down to how your life is and where you live.. it's the local elected officials that make the difference. Trust me.. I've been seeing everyday proof of that for over 2 years now.

This will be my first "political" election. The previous two years I've sat up at the radio station, waiting for results to come in. This will be the first year I'll be able to be with the candidates to celebrate or comfort them in their …
The Resemblance!

I was looking at my new id for work and realized I look not too different from my license picture. Ok, that may sound silly, but you have to understand that my driver's license picture is the original (from when I turned 16). I'm now 25 and apparently, haven't changed all too much. I look like myself still *rolls eyes* Ok, that is silly. I was just amazed by this fact.. like I thought I had turned into some kind of different person. Is this a sign of a person who is in need of a vacation? I think so!

Speaking of vacations..

I have reservations for Matt and I at the Seneca Lake Watch Bed and Breakfast for next weekend. I'm pretty sure that's the name. At any rate, I'm looking forward to the trip. I haven't been down around the Watkins Glen area for several years. I think the last time was on Veteran's Day my senior year in college. I went with my parents and had a great time going around to their favourite wineries. Unfortunat…
Tick Tock

There was a strange ticking sound outside our house all last night. I have yet to determine what it was. It sounded like a big clock. Hopefully nothing goes kaboom! any time soon.