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Memories and Music

Listening to Tori Amos' "Pretty Good Year" this morning led me on this tangent thought of how I associate certain pieces of music with people or places. It always feels like it should be raining when "Pretty Good Year" is on. I think this is connected to me sitting in the lounge/office area of WIRQ one morning or afternoon while it was raining outside.. listening to this song. Then there are the songs connected to people. I really can't look at Tori Amos' "Little Earthquakes" without thinking of Sean. And before you get all crinkly-eyed at that, it has mostly to do with me discovering Tori Amos at the same time we became friends. I listened to that album a lot then. It was a comfort thing.

I also can't hear "Learning To Fly" by Tom Petty without the scene of driving over a small bridge on a sunny September 1, 1991 flashing in my head. Such a brief moment in time, but cemented there. Why don't you co…
More Dreams

I dreamt this morning (since I went to bed after midnight) that I was in the World Trade Center right after it was hit by the plane. I think I was in the first building hit since I asked someone how long it had been since it happened. I was very cognizant of the fact that I needed to get out because the building was going to collapse. Our County Budget Director was there along with my secretary (well, the general office secretary). When Pauline (secretary) and I went in search of the stairway we found out that we were on the top floor since the first place we walked out onto was an observation deck. I got nervous then since we were up so high and I could feel the building being unstable underneath me. We started making our way down the stairway and I lost Pauline on some floor. I called out her name a couple times and decided I just couldn't stop to look for her. I started going down the stairs really fast, swinging over the rails, skipping flights.. desperately…
The Weather Report

National Weather Service:
1014 AM EDT FRI OCT 26 2001



Ok.. that's just plain wrong. Of course I can't deny it since I can't see any bare ground outside. It's still snowing too. Something about snow covering the ground before Halloween just has me in a mood. Honestly, it's not a bad mood (for once!). It just makes me want to…
"You have to do something wild and crazy before you turn 25. After 25, wild and crazy just seems immature"
- paraphrasing Janet from Singles

Well, I've turned that quarter of a century mark. I also just realized that my car insurance should go down this next bill. Hurrah! But anyway. Mark and the rest of the office embarrassed me (quite nicely) today by singing to me and having a cake to eat. I have this habit of turning awful red when embarrassed/happy. It was such a nice feeling to be remembered. I got so used to no one knowing or paying any attention. Last year was the worst for that. I did get belated cards (or just came really late in the mail), but the day was fairly uneventful. This year has been better even despite the stress.

Matt got me the most beautiful witch ball. It's a large, glass ball with swirls of blue and green in it. I think I'm going to hang it in the dining room in front of the window. I always wanted one, but they'…
A Visit!

My parents are coming up this Sunday to celebrate my birthday (which is on Monday). I'm pretty psyched about it since I haven't seen them since we moved and last night was the first time I've talked with them since moving day. That's what happens when you get busy. Now I just need to find a restaurant for them to take me to. I'm hoping Vullo's is open since I really don't feel like La Heradurra and there's not much else around here in terms of decent restaurants. It's funny, you've got Italian and two Mexican places. That's it for non-American. Even if you go up to Fredonia, it's the same deal although they do have a Greek restaurant (that sorta sucks when compared to the places I've been). Oh well. I still have this dream that Barry and Cory will move to Jamestown from Oregon (where they went from Rochester) and open a sushi place. I can think of at least three people that like sushi here. I'm sure there's…
Almost One Room Left

One wall in the office remains to be painted. Matt's dad and brother would have painted it, but they ran out of paint. The cool thing is that I feel like things are moving along. I just my house. That's all.

Campaign Hell

Last I checked, I did not have a life. *checks again* Yup. Still no life. Now I know I bitch and whine a lot on here, but truthfully, I have good cause now. After I work a full day and get home around 5:20pm, I have to go to Democratic HQ from 6pm until 9pm. Now that's only Monday through Thursday with early Saturday morning stuff, but you can definately see I have no life. Today I wanted to just leave work and go to Canada. I guess I figured leaving the country sounded like a good way to get away from my responsibilities *grins* Work, itself, got a little more hectic since my co-worker is taking this week and next off to work on the campaign. So he says. Can't be on taxpayer's dole! That leaves me to handle ever…
Perfect Autumn Day

This past Saturday was what I generally would call the perfect Autumn Day. It was sunny out, warm, and the leaves were still at peak. Now the warm part may seem out of character with a nice Autumn day, but believe me.. it fits into my scheme. Unfortunately, the morning involved doing a lit drop and I overdressed for the occassion (should have worn a t-shirt instead of the sweatshirt I had on). Fortunately, there was a nice breeze blowing in the neighborhood I was walking in.

After I got home, Matt came home from an event he had to do all ticked off. I remedied that by suggesting we go to the Octoberfest at Peak 'N Peek (or however it's spelled). The drive was nice. And we got to ride the chairlift up and down the hillside. That was cool since I had always wanted to ride the ski chairlift in the off-season. Plus, it was pretty romantic too. As mentioned in tons of other blogs I read, including Jenny's blog, there were thousands of lady bugs flyin…
Strawberry Jam & Butter on Toast

This is what I had with my tea this morning for breakfast. After I got back from my brief trip with RPYO to England in 1995, I started searching out ways to continue being an anglophile without it being a stretch or noticable effort. Mind you, while I was in England I never went to Tea or even had a fresh-baked scone but I did have some lovely tea with the family we homestayed with (was like Earl Grey but lighter and more floral). I am proud to say that I have eaten a "fry-up" but my experiences with English food were not high on my list (it usually isn't for most people). I do have to point out that I had a pre-packaged scone at some rest stop on the way to London from Worthing. It was dry, crumbly and cold. I think I found some tea there as well, but I don't remember how that was.

Oh no! It's Garbage Day!

That says it all. Matt and I haven't gotten used to our new garbage schedule and therefore missed putting out …
Choosing a Bed and Breakfast

I made Matt look at a couple websites for B&B's around Seneca Lake in anticipation of our mini-holiday following elections. I told him it would be my birthday/christmas gift to him (paying for lodging) since the place we like the best is not cheap. Of course we would have a fireplace, jacuzzi, king size bed and the place also has an indoor pool.. so naturally it's going to be a little pricey. I'm cool with that. I think we'll both need some r&r anyways. Matt is really bugging out with work and whatnot. I'm still hanging in there.


I had a discussion with Maclain last night about ultra-intuition (my preferred word for psychic). I guess she went to Lily Dale with her mom and grandmother for some readings and had one of the best ones she ever had. She asked me if I had ever had one and said I should go sometime. My response was that I had enough of the real thing at home. I really don't like to talk abo…
What's that White Stuff Flying Around Outside?

I'm in such denial that it could even be snowing outside. Guaranteed.. it's a light snow, but it's only October 7th!!!!! I mean, if it was later (like around my birthday 10.22) then I could understand, but I cannot think of a time when it snowed before then. Then again, I never lived in the "higher elevations" this far from a major lake. Guess I too used to the warming/cooling effects of the Great Lakes to accept that I'm "inland" now. I should mention that when I woke up this morning the sun was shining brightly and the sky was this beautiful blue. Where did it go????


Matt and I went to see Serendipity on Friday night. It wasn't bad. I was surprised that Matt would go see another "chick flick" with me until he explained that anything that John Cusack is in is generally good ("Except America's Sweethearts because Cusack is such a wuss in that movie").


I'm doing much better now. Had a talk with the boss. Found out that I was right afterall and that things are good. It's a much better day. Hooray for that!

The On-Going Saga of the House

Good Things: The furnace works. It only took $300 of repairs by King's Heating (bill sent to Landlord Greg). The bathroom is done (aside from getting leg extenders for the cabinet over the toilet and maybe another towel rack). The office/middle bedroom is in the process of being stripped of wallpaper and will soon be stippled and painted. A lot of stuff has been taken out of boxes and put in more proper places. I have Internet access again.

Bad Things: The brand new stove from Sears apparently is leaking gas.. as in fumes. A not so bad thing, but still annoying is having to thread phone lines through the wall so that we can use our second phone line for our Internet connection. Only one room has the second line. Our bedroom. Not a huge problem.

Moving took all week…
Are you a Goth, Trendy, or Alternative?

Goth 35%
Trendy 30%
Alternative 40%

Conclusion: From this, we can tell that you are either a really well-balanced person, or you just have no taste whatsoever.

Recommended Drugs For Me (Note: I don't Do Drugs)

# 1 Hash
# 2 Marijuana
# 3 Codeine
# 4 Methamphetamine (Crystal)
# 5 Dexedrine (dexies)
# 6 Ritalin
# 7 DMT
# 8 Heroin
# 9 Inhalants (gas, paint ect.) why don't you just kill yourself now?
# 10 Cocaine
In Orbit

I'm still alive, although mostly in orbit around this place called the Internet and Email. I promise once the second phone line is correctly installed at the new house that I will be back on doing regular updates (and responding to massive amounts of email).

Back to my regularly scheduled work day now.