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Burn Baby Burn

I think I must start burning cds of tapes I've made. There's a tape I sent to Aaron in college that I liked so much, I almost didn't send it to him (it was a compilation of stuff I really liked to represent what kind of music I liked.. so of course I liked it!). Then there's the tapes I lost in the "meltdown." The "meltdown" was what happened after I had passengers in the back seat of my car who decided to put my container of cassettes in the back window, in direct sunlight, thus melting most of them. I didn't realize what had happened until too late. I still have one compilation I made towards the end of my senior year in high school. It's twisted and sad. I saved in hopes that one day I could recreate it. Unfortunately, it contained a live version of "Debaser" by The Pixies that I doubt I'll ever find since it was on vinyl and was part of the music library at WIRQ (my high school's radio station). A…
Ashes to ashes.. Dust to dust...

I've been struck by some comments I've seen on the web in regards to the recent death of R&B pop singer Aaliyah. The racist comments are what gets me. I guess you could say that it's naive of me to assume that people would not make comments like "well, one less welfare check" or "one less n*gger" in response to someone's death. I was appalled! And then I had to roll my eyes at the people who were going on about "respect her death. Why does the media have to make such a big thing about it? She's just like the rest of us." That's only half-right. Yes, Aaliyah was a human being like the rest of us, but that's where the similarities stop for the most part. She was a famous singer within the R&B world. She had been in several commercial films. She was visible. It would be a discredit to her memory and fans if the media didn't report on her death. And I doubt she would have per…
I.H.S. Goes P.C.

My school district has voted to change its logo. I can understand. I mean, it was a quasi-order handed down by someone at the state level. And I can see how using "Indians" as a logo could be offensive. Ok, maybe not! I mean the friggin' name of my town is a Native American saying (Irondequoit translates into "Where the Land and Waters Meet" more or less). I find it hard to believe that some state education people really think school districts are being insensitive or racist by using native american words like "indian" or "chiefs." Yes, there are others that raise an eyebrow (involving the word "red"), but students in the West Irondequoit district learn about how the Native Americans lived, where they lived and their culture. We even changed our visual logo to better represent the Seneca Nation. I sometimes wonder if this culture is becoming too politically correct at times.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Our …
What kind of fish are you?

This quiz I took tells me I'm a catfish. That seems pretty accurate (although I don't like to think of myself as a bottom dweller). It's just appropriate since I had a catfish as a pet when I was a kid. Here's the descriptor provided by the quiz:

Make no mistake, this cat's a cool customer. Your laid-back nature makes you the perfect choice for swimming around with. No need to compete with the other big fish; you're comfortable in your "fins" and love to laugh. You don't have time for fish fights -- you're too busy lending a fin. You're a hard worker and can be counted on to get the job done. If anybody teases you about being a bottom-dweller, remind them that you're simply more resourceful than the average fish.

Today is the County-City Baseball Game. It's supposed to thunderstorm today. That figures. The whole week has been beautiful (including the rest of the week) except the day that matters *gri…
Calling All Delinquent Bloggers!!

I get worried when blogs I read daily are not updated. I mean, I really begin to wonder if the person is ok. Are they lying, dying, on the floor almost within reach of the keyboard but unable to make the approprate keystroke to publish their post? I lead a busy life. I must live vicariously through others. So the two people, you know who you are, that haven't updated their blog in a month.. go do it!! Actually, one of the people has a small excuse. They're visiting friends in Rochester, so I guess posting to the blog isn't a great priority at that point. Hrumph.


I'm getting next Friday off *does a little dance* It was easy too! I just went up to my boss and said, "You wouldn't have any problem with me taking off next Friday would you?" He replied, "Nah.. what weekend is that? Oh Labor Day weekend. Hell, I won't be here either!" I love my job. At my last job, I had put in for a 4 day week…
Our house... is a very, very, very fine house!

We're getting (well, renting) the house. Durant Avenue. I think it's funny that I'll be living on a street that also happens to be the last name of one of my friend's girlfriends/wife. There's just one problem: I'm not totally sure how to pronounce it. Is it Duuur-ant, Do-rant, Dur-rant.. ah hell. Any suggestions? Write them in my guestbook.

The Hillary Pic

This is the "infamous" picture from the Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Matt is not happy with how he looks. I guess there's nothing we can do about that!

Softball Hell

People just don't understand my adversion to sports. The County and City of Jamestown are playing a softball match against each other this Thursday at Russell E. Diethrick Park (Home of the Jamestown Jammers). At practice today, my teammates kept asking me where my cleats and mitt were. I had to just laugh. They just don't understand the trauma I went through when it…
Amazing Stuff

Did I really let almost a whole week go by without writing? Hah! I did.

Public Safety Meeting

I got to ride in the Sheriff's speed boat around the northern half of Chautauqua Lake. That was pretty fun even though my hair kept whipping around in my face and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. I haven't been on the water in a vessel that small in awhile. Come to think of it, I think I avoided it. Dinner was bbq-ed chicken and ribs. Mmmmm. Just as well that we didn't have steak.

The Senator's Visit

Senator Chuck Schumer's visit was very nice. I went with Mark (the boss) to meet Chuck at the Jamestown Airport. It's amazing how small planes can be and yet still hold 4 people (including the pilot). The actual party was nice too since it was catered. Matt tells me I was in nice form in terms of talking to everyone and appearing very self-assured. How nice! There was a time when events of that size would have had me scurrying for the un…

I've never been a fan of shopping. I get the dragging feet, long face, endless sighs effect going on when my mom thinks it would be fun to go shopping. I revert back to being in a kid almost instantly *snaps fingers* However, shopping by myself is another story. I'm still not a huge fan of shopping, but I can tolerate it a hell of a lot more.

The list of things I need at the moment includes a huge list of shoes. I need black/brown/or burgendy loafers, black heels, white shoes (preferably with a heel), and navy/brown/ or burgendy dress flats. I think that covers it. I'm also scheming for new sandals and I might have to break down and buy some Clarks, no matter the price *sighs* I'm also on the lookout for a new summer purse (and don't tell me it's too late for one!!). I saw these smashing red purses by Nine West that I must have. I should have bought the one I liked at Steinmart in Erie, PA. Sounds like a good excuse to drive there this weeke…
A Canada story...

My friends and I, our sophomore year in college, thought it would be really cool just to go up to Windsor, Ontario for the day (I was going to school near Cleveland). I decided midway through curling my hair (was short then) that a roadtrip sounded awesome, turned off the curler even though half my head of hair was curly the other half not, and left my dorm.

Driving there was not a problem. Going through customs was just plain funny. I think I was in the driver's seat by then since no one liked driving over big, long bridges. I didn't know what to tell the custom's lady about our purpose for being in Canada. I think I said "Um.. isn't Windsor near here? I think we're going there."

We had dinner at some sports bar *ho hum* and then went over to one of the casinos for our first shot at gambling. It sucked hard. No one won anything. I then coerced my friends to stop at a coffee shop I saw down some side street (it was cold out).

And if I built this fortress around your heart
That circles you with fences and barbed wire
Let me build a bridge
For I cannot fill this chasm
Let me set the battlements on fire

- Sting

I listened to this song at least four times today. I came across it by accident really. It's on Sting's greatest hits album. In some ways it's such a delicate song. Maybe that's just related to my associations with it. I put that quote on the tag that was attached to a red carnation that was sent to this person I really liked my senior year in high school. I don't think they ever knew it was directly from me. But it was a crush of a sort that was very delicate. This person was (and still is I assume) beautiful, talented, smart and so many other things. It's one of those crushes or "fallings" that leaves you totally vulnerable. I was willing to risk a lot. But I cared enough for them that when I knew someone else was interested in them.. I let the…
Boom diddy boom

That's just nonsense. I'm waiting for the skies to make that kind of noise and unleash a torrent of rain along with some cooler air. How realistic is that? Well, according to every weatherman I've seen tonight.. pretty possible. Hrmph.

Visit with Sean and Anne was cool. I made the most garlic-y pesto sauce ever. I think I overdid it actually. The caprese salad was fairly awesome. However, note to self: just buy the regular basil in the plastic containers next time. That hydrophonic stuff wilted and died within a day! Geezus. Probably why the pesto sauce was too garlic-y. Not enough basil. But it was cool seeing them. We gave them the 20-cent tour of Jamestown and Lakewood. That included showing them our former place of employment. Terry was in phenomenal form. That meant he was freaking out at the printer, swearing and yelling, and causing general commotion for no reason other than the fact that he's just damn incompetent at times. Too…

It is. So. Hot.

It is so hot that the steam in the bathroom this morning from my shower matched the fog outside.

It is so hot that sitting still makes me sweat.

It is so hot that the water never gets cold coming out of the faucet.

It is so.. ok, I'm done with that line for a little bit. I'm sure everyone that reads this is in some state of swealter.

I knew this was going to happen as soon as I got visitors. Plus, I can't find any fans in the stores (to help move around the hot air). I'm still excited nonetheless about having people over for dinner and the night. I'm making linguine in pesto and caprese salad. I bought this cappucino ice cream of some sort from Wegmans' (their brand). My mom says it's awesome. We'll see. If it sucks, we'll just go out for a drive in the air conditioned car.

We've started CPP training (Comprehensive Performance Plan) again. It's my turn to go through it. That means every other Wednesday I ha…
The votes.. er vote.. is in. No kissy face list. No one really emailed me about it, but when my S.O. read my blog he said, "You're not really going to do that list are you??" I replied, "Erm.. well, I'm waiting for people to email me about that." He says, "Oh please don't do that list! I don't need to know who you kissed before me." I said, "Well, ok.. guess that decides that!" *laughs* Love is funny, isn't it? I've been pondering the "could have beens" lately. Funny stuff. It's amazing how many people we meet in our lives that could have been something more than they were. In most cases, we're better off not ever knowing or doing that to our friendships. Unfortunately, sometimes there's always that one person that you just think, "Damnit!! Why didn't I???" Or maybe just me. Nah.. I know a few other people who have confessed similar things.


'Nother busy week ahead…
MTV's 20th Birthday

Man.. I feel old. MTV is 20 years old. Geeezzzuuuusss. I remember watching MTV at the dinner table when we first got cable. That one Quiet Riot video played everyday at the same time. And the funny part is that my parents actually watched it with me. TV was a special treat to me as a kid. I watched a lot of PBS (parental approved) and Black Beauty on Nickelodeon. I really loved "You Can't Do That on Television" but my mom thought it was trash. So I had to sneak it when I could. Those were also the days that I got super excited when Disney had a free preview week. *rolls eyes*

All my knowledge of pop culture came from these fleeting moments and from babysitting (or being babysat). I mentioned before that my parents were awesome about culturing me, but they also tried to keep what they considered "trash" out of my life. Like no sugar cereals, no TV at night or after school (unless it was educational), no trashy teen mags (lik…
Last night Matt and I saw "Legally Blonde" at the Lakewood Cinema Six. It's really the only place you can see decent movies right away down here. Otherwise, you have to keep checking the schedule at the Reg Lenna Civic Center. From Fall through Spring they show movies that are borderline indie/good. During the summer, you have to go to Chautauqua to see that stuff. That sucks. I guess they're showing "Memento" next week. Ah well.

Hey! Great news :-) My friend Sean and Anne may be coming down to Jamestown for a visit next Wednesday. I'm pretty psyched about that. Not only will I get to see them, it will also lead to a clean house. Having guests over puts me into a cleaning frenzy. Start taking bets now on just what gets done *heh*
Christ on a.. (insert word here)

My friend Ryan enlightened me to the phrase above. I forget his favourite connotation of it. I think it was something like "Christ on a piece of toast" or something like that. Well, after not hearing/seeing this phrase for months, I saw two versions within an hour of each other this morning. "Christ on a monorail" and "Christ on a bike." Unsurprisingly, they were in two of the blogs I read (Meg AKA and Jessica AKA Talk about funny coincidences.

I'm trying to resist the urge to post a list that I've seen on some other blogs (All the people you've kissed). I decided that I'd give people who read this the opportunity to say "Ew! No!" or "Sure! Go!" So email me and tell me whether or not you think it would be in ok taste to divulge my kissy-face past *laughs*
Do Try To Speak As We Do

Sometimes I get so involved in a book that I have to read it straight through.. no matter the time. I read the above book in 3 hours. It's why in the previous post that I decided I just had to go to England. It didn't help that last night on WNED-PBS was a documentary called "Great Streets" that featured the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. On top of that.. it was narrated and featured Emmylou Harris. How cool is that??

I tend to get envious of my friends who have ventured abroad. My friend Anne spent a month in Scotland in high school and then a semester in England in college. She's been back since with her boyfriend (and my friend) Sean. Sean is another widely traveled sort. They're really the two friends I have that have traveled overseas a bit. I must live vicariously through them! I do have plans to make it overseas again. 8 days in England with the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra was not enough!